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Razi Metallurgical Research Center was established in 1982 in order to perform scientific, technical and economic research, designing and engineering, developing professional software, providing laboratory services, training, providing information and research in the future of engineering and materials science. RMRC was established by the participation of 6 people in a limited space. The main activity of this center focuses on materials science and engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, polymers, ceramics, designing products and the production process of metallic and non-metallic materials, modeling and simulation of design processes and production of engineering materials. This center is the first research institution in the private sector and is located in 4500 square meters infrastructure. Having 200 expert employees in the fields of materials, mechanic, chemistry, polymer and computer engineering and 40 consultants from universities and various research and industrial centers, RMRC cooperates with a vast range of Iran's industries. RMRC has 13 agency offices in Tehran and other cities of Iran. RMRC is selected the first Standard Laboratory Colleague from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and has its accreditation certificate. RMRC managed to receive ISO 9001/2000 which is a quality management certificate from DNV Company in 2003. Also in 2007 RMRC achieved ISO IEC 17025 certificate from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and in 2008 RMRC received this certificate from DAP company from Germany. Since 2004 RMRC is accredited by Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO) and has provided engineering and laboratory s ervices for the countries covered by (SASO) including: Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. RMRC is a member of Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network since 2005 in order to contribute to the development of new technologies and has achieved the first place for 8 years in the competitions.

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