Mission, Vision, Values

RMRC´s Mission
Our mission is to conduct research, provide quality education and offer services in the field of material science and engineering. This mission will be accomplished by carrying out research, developing education and training and offering services in the field of metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. We support domestic needs in our country and at the same time welcome a possibility of offering our services internationally. Our customers are companies which are involved with material science and engineering. Our goal is to create value for all our stakeholders and sustainable development for our country Iran.
RMRC´s vision
RMRC'S vision is to turn in to one of the best companies which work in the field of material science and engineering, dedicated to training, education, offering services, research and development.
RMRC´s values
1- Customers
Offering quality products and services.
Close collaboration with the client.
Understanding their needs for today and tomorrow.
Assuming responsibility and accountability.
2- Systems and processes
Efficient systems and procedures based on national and international standards define the pathways to put the decisions into operation leading to excellent results and creating sustainable values for stakeholders. Creation, unification, maintenance and improvement of RMRC's systems and processes are what we greatly value.
3- People
RMRC's staff is our main capital. Knowing this, by providing collaboration, delegation, empowerment, promoting innovation and creation, and building a sense of responsibility before our customers and society, RMRC creates a work environment filled with peace, attraction, efficiency, creation, Innovation, safety and trust. This work environment helps us achieve our vision and goals.
4- Wealth creation
Creating material and intellectual wealth and earning a fair level of benefit with regard to our ethical policy guarantees the success in our journey to excellence and leads to entrepreneurship, development and expansion of business and creation of sustainable values for all the stakeholders.
5- Organizational culture
Moving towards excellence and caring about engineering ethics is a fundamental value in RMRC. Putting our moral policies into effect, all RMRC members are encouraged to follow these lines in their daily work program. This makes them tightly committed to the morals and professional ethics and helps RMRC – as a whole- move toward its goals in order to accomplish its mission.
6- Science and technology
The acquisition of knowledge and new technologies empowers our company in the road to excellence. Managing these resources creatively results in high quality products and services faster, better and at a reasonable price. In this way we hope to provide remarkable results and sustainable values for all the stakeholders.

Mission,Vision, Values

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