Water, waste and environment

A rising incidence of respiratory illnesses prompted the city governments of Tehran and Arak, southwest of the capital, to institute air pollution control programs. These programs aim to reduce gradually the amount of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. Much of Iran’s territory suffers from overgrazing, desertification and/or deforestation. Industrial and urban wastewater runoff has contaminated rivers and coastal waters and threatened drinking water supplies. RMRC environmental laboratory is to deliver fit-for-purpose environmental support to the industry, providing assessments of the environmental fate and effects of new and existing products and intermediates. The laboratory can also offer environmental support for the manufacturing processes that produce those products. Throughout its history the laboratory has worked for external clients, who have included a wide range of companies from within the industry. Because of that wide customer base the laboratory has strict processes and procedures in place to ensure client confidentiality. RMRC's range of environmental services is diverse and includes analyses using state-of-the-art equipment and accredited and certified methodologies. Environmental analytical services are offered in a wide variety of substances including drinking water, groundwater, surface and waste water, soil, sediments, solid waste, drilling waste, air samples, breathable gases and swabs.

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